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Promotional gifts

Give new employees a warm welcome, express your appreciation to valued customers, or simply acknowledge the hard work from your team - with a gift that keeps growing!

Promotional gifts

Give new hires a warm welcome, express your appreciation to valued customers, or simply recognize your team's hard work with a gift that keeps growing!

With so much choice in promotional gifts, why donate plants?

Plants are made to last

It is a meaningful gift that will continue to grow and provide beauty for many years to come. Unlike other gifts that eventually decay, living plants only get better with time.

Plants are always unique and do not discriminate against anyone

No need to worry about food allergies or trade sizes. And you don't have to be a plant lover to enjoy a plant. We recommend low-maintenance varieties suitable for everyone's space, from low-light to pet-friendly.

Plants make us happier

They stimulate our mind and beautify our environment. Studies show that indoor plants can reduce mental fatigue and stress and increase relaxation and self-esteem.

Step 1: Choose your plant

From non-toxic plants for pet-friendly spaces to low-light plants for home offices, we have plants and planters to meet your unique needs.

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Step 2: Tell us where to ship to

Shipping to multiple locations? We've arranged it for you. Fill out the form to deliver green to all addresses on your list.

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