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Plant-based shopping

Stera automatically calculates and eliminates the carbon footprint of your online order. We do this in collaboration with EcoCart. 


Stera makes combating climate change simple, cost-effective and accessible to everyone. We love shopping but it contributes enormously to climate change. Every day, online orders travel about the same distance as a trip to the moon and back... 133,000 times!


Every time you shop with us, we automatically compensate for the environmental impact of your order.



These are the current projects: 


Protecting forests

Protects a Massachusetts spruce forest that traps more than 100,000 tons of harmful carbon dioxide each year. Massachusetts, USA


  • Captures a significant amount of carbon emissions each year.
  • Protects the habitat of a variety of endangered mammals, birds and reptiles.



Clean water 

By filtering water instead of boiling it over a wood fire, these locally made water purifiers prevent 90,000 tons of carbon emissions and protect 450 hectares of Cambodian forest per year. Longvek, Cambodia


  • Reduces air pollution while protecting forests and local ecosystems
  • Creates jobs and economic growth in underserved communities
  • Reducing disease and death among children from polluted water and indoor pollution



    Creating wind energy

    Clean energy generation to replace energy from fossil fuels, installation of 94 new wind turbines to supply 360,000 MWh of reliable and clean energy to the grid in Kayseri, Turkey.


    • Replaces fossil fuel-based energy
    • Diversifies the country's energy balance and helps address demand-side shortages
    • Relieve poverty in the local community by creating jobs in construction and operations



    Future vision Stera

    Stera believes in a greener world and we are committed to this. We provide nature in your home or garden, but we don't want to stop there.

    In the future, Stera will make its own grow houses, here we will provide high-tech solutions that will make growing plants much more ecological.