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Aeschynanthus "Mona Lisa" 35cm

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Aeschynanthus Radicans, more commonly known as lipstick plant, is a popular and striking evergreen tropical houseplant.

It gets its name from the vibrant red and tubular flowers that appear above a burgundy bud. These flowers grow in clusters and, along with the waxy, glossy, green foliage, have a cascading, vine-like habit. This makes them an ideal choice for use in hanging baskets or tall containers.

As an epiphytic species, these plants are native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Here you can find them growing on tree branches and in crevices in rocks.

Provided they get enough warmth, humidity and filtered sunlight, you can enjoy a profuse bloom for much of the year. In general, however, lipstick plants flower most profusely in summer and autumn.

→ Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate seasonally, so all measurements are shown as a range.
→ Supplied in a diameter cultivation pot.
→ Plants under 50cm are shipped together with pot.
→ If you buy a large plant with a planter, the planter will be shipped separately.


☀ Thrives in bright indirect to medium indirect light.

☂︎ Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out in between. Expect to water more often in bright light and less often in dim light.

Identify a sad plant

Bony and floppy, or leaf drop:
    Too little sunlight
Yellow drooping leaves with wet soil:
Brown leaf margins:
   Low humidity, or direct sun

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Every plant is equally important to us, because we know that it will be placed in a beautiful place. We select suppliers based on quality and care of the plants.

Sometimes a plant can arrive unluckily and that is precisely why we offer a 14-day green guarantee, simply send us a photo of the sad plant and we will handle the rest.

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Details of the plant
Botanical name Aeschynanthus Radicans
Altitude 35cm
Pot size 15cm
Place Parashadow
Water requirement Keep moist
Toxic Animal Friendly
Repot Every 2 years
Packaging Special plants mail box
Maintenance Normal