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Areca Palm - 100cm

by Stera
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Gold palm from Madagascar. An endangered species there, but in the Caribbean, among other places, they are feral and common. In full sun the leaves change color and the plant has yellow flowers: hence the Golden Palm. The Areca is not easy, but it is popular in interiors. Under favorable conditions it grows up to the ceiling. In nature, it can reach a height of 10 meters.



The soil of the Areca palm should always remain moist, without the Areca's roots standing in a layer of water. When the soil dries out completely, there is a risk of irreparable damage. Therefore, water preferably once a week in winter and twice a week in summer. As a houseplant, an Areca does not tolerate direct sunlight for too long. However, the palm does want a lot of light. That is why the palm prefers a north-facing window. A window on the west or east is possible, but keep more distance from the window.



Latin name  Areca / Dypsis Palm
Height 100cm
Pot size 21cm
Location Halfshadow
Water Always moist
Toxicity Not
Air filter Strong
Repot When roots hatch
Flowering period Always green
Power 1x moon id summer
Growth shape Height
Difficulty level  Expert