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Calathea Rufibarba 3 pieces - 32cm

by Stera
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(packed per 3)

The Calathea with the nicest name: rufibarba means hairy feathers. With those nice, long wavy leaves, they were once found in the wilds of South America, and so named. The leaf is light to gray green on top and deep red on the underside. You have to take good care of him at home.



The Calatheas grow naturally in the rainforest. Keep them in fairly moist, but not soaking wet, soil. They like heat and shade or partial shade. They do best in a greenhouse. When spraying, make sure that you use lime-free water.



Latin name  Calatea Rufibarba
Height 32cm
Pot size 12cm
Location Shade/part shade
Water Always moist
Toxicity Not
Air filter Medium
Repot Every 3 years
Power 1xmonth in the summer
Difficulty level  Expert