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Clusia in Kingston Glass - 35cm

by Stera
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The Clusia is one of the most air-purifying plants there is. In addition, the trendy bulb glass makes the plant extra special. The glass jar ensures that you only have to change the water now and then, ideal if you don't have such green fingers. The Clusia occurs naturally in the Caribbean, where it is treated like weeds. It grows on a variety of substrates, ranging from tropical forests, swamps to lava landscapes. The Clusia adapts easily and is therefore an easy houseplant. The indoor plant has a deep green color, sturdy round leaves and is available in various sizes. Now a loose branch in a beautiful bulb glass with click cork.


A layer of lukewarm (tap) water for the roots and a light spot is all these plants need. It is best to change the water every two weeks, as fresh. You can do this simply by throwing away the old water, rinsing the glass and the roots and then pouring new water into the glass. Make sure that only the roots are flooded and not the trunk!



Latin name  Clusia
Height 35cm
Pot size 12cm
Location Halfshadow
Water /
Toxicity Strong
Air filter Strong
Repot Potting after 1 year
Power Not needed
Difficulty level  Beginner