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Corokia Cotoneaster - 30cm

by Stera
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A set with Corokia Cotoneaster. This plant has a unique structure and a trendy look. The origin of this plant is in New Zealand. Its appearance reflects the native Maori tribe in New Zealand. The minimalist construction of the plant fits in a minimalist interior or an interior with an industrial appearance. The modern accent of the plant gives color and warmth with a translation to natural elements.



The plants are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Preferably the plant is in a cool place with moderate light. Keep the plant moist but do not let it stand in water. Feeding once a year is desirable.


Latin name  Corokia Cotoneaster
Height 30cm
Pot size 11cm
Location See care
Water Always moist
Toxicity /
Air filter /
Repot Every 2 years
Power 1x a month in the summer
Difficulty level  Beginner