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Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri' 2 pieces - 40cm

by Stera
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Asparagus is the botanical name of a genus of plants in the Asparagus family and is also known as the ornamental asparagus. A decorative plant with a fern-like appearance. With ornamental asparagus, the stems have taken over the function of the leaves. Easy to keep and therefore suitable for people with less green fingers who also like greenery in the house. Asparagus plants usually remain flowerless, but if they do bloom under favorable conditions, they hide their small white flowers under the leaves. Smaller varieties grow fairly quickly into beautiful full plants. Small, red berries that are poisonous may appear.



Part shade, no direct sunlight. Suitable for dark place. Ideal temperature 18 - 22 C. Water on the saucer / in the decorative pot. Fertilize once a month. Likes high humidity. Do not spray. Do not dust.



Latin name  Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'
Height 40cm
Pot size 17cm
Location Halfshadow
Water Water at the bottom 
Toxicity Light
Air filter Strong
Repot Every 3 years 
Power 2x a month in the summer
Difficulty level  Beginner