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Asplenium 'Parvati' 2 pieces - 40cm

by Stera
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A beautiful fern with finely lobed leaves. Dark green leaves that are a little shiny. Like most ferns, this Asplenuim also needs a lot of water to keep the soil moist. But make sure that no water remains at the bottom of the pot, then the roots will be affected. This fern is also well suited for the bathroom, you will see that it would be fine if the humidity is occasionally quite high.



Make sure that this plant is moist at all times. This fern likes to be in the shade or partial shade. Feed this fern only in the summer and spring period. Cut away discolored leaves, so it stays healthy.



Latin name  Asplenium 'Parvati'
Height 40cm
Pot size 17cm
Location Halfshadow
Water Always moist 
Toxicity Light
Air filter Strong
Repot Every 3 years 
Power 2x a month in the summer
Difficulty level  Beginner