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Decorum Lepismium bolivianum

by Stera
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This is a really nice hanging plant, this Lepismium Bolivianum, it looks great as a houseplant in the living room. "This plant actually has no leaves at all, the long strands you see are just its stems. Together they look like a luxuriant head of hair from a mermaid who can't quite control her hair. The new stems first grow a in the air before they bend and hang. If your Lepismium bolivianum is in an ideal spot and you take good care of it, you have a chance that it will flower in the spring or autumn. Only water your Lepismium bolivianum when the the earth is barren and very dry. Too much water will rot your Lepismium. And you don't want that! Between November and the beginning of March, put your Lepismium on a diet with a splash of water once a month. In March, you build up again with first twice a month and when the sun rises nicely in heat (May) a shoot every week.