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Epiphyllum anguliger 15cm

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  • If you're a plant person, chances are you've been seeing a strange looking plant in your Instagram feed lately. It's probably the herringbone cactus. With its distinctive long, zigzag leaves that fan out randomly, it's one of those plants that stands out from the crowd. And when it blooms, it is a sight to behold. Here's everything you need to know about the herringbone cactus, including how to care for it and what to expect when it blooms.

    What is a herringbone cactus?
    Whether you know it as herringbone cactus, ric rac cactus, or as its botanical name Epiphyllum anguliger, this cactus gets its name from the flat zigzag shape of its leaves that actually resemble a fish bone.

  • How I care for my herringbone cactus
    Herringbone cacti are generally low-maintenance plants that anyone can care for, even without a green thumb. They like humidity, filtered bright light, and drying out between waterings. Here's how I take care of mine.

    Location: I keep my herringbone cactus in a bathroom, where it gets nice and humid. It's on top of my hot water heater.

    Light: My herringbone cactus stands in front of a large window covered with a white curtain, so the plant gets filtered light. Note that herringbone cacti generally thrive in indirect sunlight, but can also handle a few hours of direct light.

    Soil: They do very well in either orchid substrate or cactus mix - basically something that drains well.

    Water: I let my plant dry out completely between waterings. In terms of frequency, that works out to about twice a month.

    Fertilization: During the growing season I fertilize it once a month.

  • Botanical name Epiphyllum anguliger
    Height 15cm
    Pot size 9cm
    Place Partial shade
    Water requirement Keep moist
    Toxic Animal-friendly
    Repot Every 2 years
    Packaging Special plants mail box
    Maintenance Normal