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Plant Care Gift Set

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Designed for plant lovers, this box contains the essentials for the care and maintenance of all indoor plants in attractive glass bottles.

- 1 natural fertilizer for green plants
- 1 natural fertilizer for cacti and succulents
- 1 natural fertilizer for orchids
- 1 neem oil (natural insecticide and antifungal agent)

Our fertilizers are 100% French made and manufactured in Brittany from plant extracts and locally harvested seaweed .
Our dropper bottles are made of glass for a sustainable and zero-waste approach and can each produce approximately 125 liters of fertilizer.

We make our liquid fertilizer from seaweed and plant extracts such as nettle and comfrey. Since the exploitation of the sea is an essential part of the Breton heritage, we naturally harvest our raw materials near the northern coast of Finistère to take full advantage of the exceptional properties of the marine resources.

Neem oil is a natural insecticide and fungicide effective against a large number of insects and mites, in particular thrips, aphids, caterpillars, red spiders, mealybugs, etc. Organic and from the first pressing, the cold pressing preserves all the vitamins and proteins that work and protect plants against parasites.