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Strelitzia Nicolai 100cm

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  • The distinctive bird of paradise (Strelitzia spp.) is one of the most famous tropical flowers. It is closely related to the banana plant. The bird of paradise plant owes its name to its strong resemblance to the tropical bird of the same name. Easier to grow than many tropical plants, it makes a vigorous, fast-growing houseplant. It can be brought outside in the summer and thrives outdoors for half the year. The bird of paradise usually blooms in late winter or early spring, but it can bloom at other times of the year if conditions are optimal. These plants grow with erect and direct The large leaves range from 12 to 20 inches long and can develop cracks in the leaf if exposed to windy conditions or brushed against in a busy hallway. Strelitzia is toxic to cats and dogs.

  • Bird of paradise care
    Strelitzia are beautiful plants that can be successfully grown indoors; however, the biggest drawbacks are their size; they can reach 5 to 6 feet in height. These plants take 3 to 5 years to mature before blooming. They do well in mass outdoor plantings or as specimen plants in warm climates, where their flowers rise above the foliage for an impressive display.

    The trick to successful indoor growth is bright light with direct sun, regular watering , and heat. Feed the plant with compost in early spring before new growth begins and fertilize every week during the growing season. To increase the chance of survival, grow the plant in a container that can be taken outside during the warm summer months and brought back inside during the winter.

    This plant needs bright light , also some direct sunlight, to bloom well. However, it should be shaded from direct midday sun in summer, which can burn the leaves of younger plants.2 A good place is in a room with windows facing east or west. Avoid rooms with only a north-facing window.

    Use rich, well-draining potting soil or a compost mixture. If you use a pot, make sure it has ample drainage holes so that water can flow through the soil and out of the pot.

    Keep the soil moist constantly moist all year round. While it shouldn't be soaked, expect to water it daily in spring and summer as it loses moisture through its large leaves. You can water it until you see the water run out of the drainage holes, but make sure it doesn't sit in a pool of water. If you water too much, the plant will have crunchy brown leaves. If there is not enough water, the leaves furthest from the center will turn yellow.

    Temperature and humidity
    The bird of paradise prefers high humidity. You may want to keep a spray bottle handy to mist it when your house is dry. Keep the air temperature above 18 degrees in winter. This is not a cold tolerant plant, and it recovers slowly from frost damage.

    This plant is a heavy feeder. Feed it in spring with slow release granules or weekly during the growing season with liquid fertilizer.

  • Botanical name Strelitzia nicolai
    Altitude 35cm
    Pot size 13cm
    Place Partial shade
    Water requirement Keep moist
    Toxic Toxic
    Repot Every 2 years
    Packaging Special plants mail box
    Maintenance Normal